Direct's (LPS) Shunts Offer more options for current sense applications
Low Ohm Resistors - LPS Open Air Series The (LPS) is a current sensing solution with Four-Terminal and Two-Terminal options that was developed with a low TCR to meet demands for new and stable resistive product solutions in the industry today.

The (LPS) is used where the emphasis is on accuracy and repeatability under stress conditions in applications requiring precision resistor performance up to 5W and operating temperature range -50°C to 300°C with tolerances ±2%, ±5%, and ±10%.

The (LPS) shunt resistor is most-often used to monitor a current that is directly proportional to some physical characteristic (such as weight, pressure, etc) being measured by an analog sensor. The resistor converts the current to a voltage that is representative of the physical characteristic and feeds that voltage into instrumentation, control circuits, or other indicators.

In order to select the resistor technology most appropriate to the application, a designer must take into account all normal and extraordinary stresses the resistor will experience in the application. In addition, the designer must consider the cost and reliability impact involved when it becomes necessary to add costly additional compensating circuitry when inadequate resistors are selected.

The stability of Direct Electronics' (LPS) resistors can meet most designer's needs, as well as the other basic advantages apparent in their specifications will not only provide unequalled performance in the circuit but will eliminate all the costs associated with extra compensation circuitry.

Direct Electronics will also produce low value current sense resistor (LPS) series outside these specifications to meet customer requirements. Contact us with your specific needs.

Four-Terminal Versus Two-Terminal Sense Resistor :
Kelvin connections or Four-terminal connections are required in these low ohmic value resistors to measure a precise voltage drop across the resistive element. The Kelvin connection configuration eliminates the IR-drop error voltage that would be present in the voltage sense leads if a standard two-terminal resistor were used.

In current sensing resistors the and the resistance between terminations and contact point may be greater than that of the resistive element itself so lead connection errors can be significant if only two terminal connections are used.

Features :
- Non-inductance, Radial leads, Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant.
- Solderable Copper Leads, ±2%, ±5%, ±10% standard tolerance.
- High stability bare metal element open air resistor.

Applications :
- Automotive, Feedback System, Power Tool Motor controls, Residual Battery Power Detection.
- CPU Drive Control, Power Supply Shunt, Current Detective, and Current Sensing.
- Inverter and Switching Power Supplies, High power AC/DC detection.

Dimensions (Unit: mm) Open Air 4-T & 2-T (LPS)
Semi-customized (LPS) Dimensions Type A - Four Terminals for Kelvin Connections
Semi-customized (LPS) Dimensions Type A - Four Terminals for Kelvin Connections
Type Rating Wattage Resistance Range (mΩ) Tolerance (%) TCR (ppm/°C)
LPS359-008 1 R005~R05 5 ~ 30 20.0
LPS359-009 2 R005~R02
LPS359-010 3 R003~R01
LPS359-011 5 R002~R005


1. W, T and H depend on material, resistance value and required power rating.
2. RM: 5~30 mm, preferably in 5 mm-steps. Special varieties on request.
3. M: Measuring point.

Characteristic Specification (LPS)
Test Items Specification
Resistance range R002~R05
Tolerances ±2%, ±5%, ±10%
Temperature coefficient Upon request
Insulation voltage Non insulated
Insulation resistance Non insulated
Derating, linear 70~300°C(0W)
Climatic category 55/155/21
Temperature range -50~300°C
Endurance (P70, 70°C, 1000 Hrs.) ΔR≤±2%R
Damp heat, steady state (40°C, 93% r.h., 56d) ΔR≤±2%R
Climatic sequence ΔR≤±0.5%R
Terminal strength None
Terminal tensile strength None
Resistance to soldering heat (350°C, 3.5s) ΔR≤±0.5%R typ.
Solderability (Solder bath method 235±5°C, 2±0.5s) Good tinning (≥ 90 % covered), no visible damage

How to Order
LPS359-008 B 3 R024 J P
Part Number
Terminal Type
A 4 Terminals
B 2 Terminals
Rated Power
1 1 Watt
2 2 Watt
3 3 Watt
5 5 Watt
Resistance Value (Ω)
R002 0.002Ω
R010 0.010Ω
R022 0.022Ω
R050 0.050Ω
G ±2%
J ±5%
K ±10%
P Bulk

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